The Legend of BLOB

The Legend Of BLOB

My second Submission for Create Your Blob World at Ganti Baju.com


From basic idea, wanna create design with more of cultural contain in visual, mix with cheerfull & colorfull of BLOB world and also combine with my own style and coloring.

I starts study from few Chinese illustration, Japanese Tatto combine with Indonesian element, ex: Batik. Also mixing methological (Added a Dragon, and something Fairy Tale) & classical things that consist for Earth balance. Yeah, THE FOUR ELEMENT (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.) Yes, from now the BLOB character have a power from each element LOL. And trying to investigate and explore deeper from each characher’s characteristic from their skintone and Psychological aspect.

Louvy (The Air Element)

Riding The Peacock+Cendrawasih with skirt & listening iPod :P. From my literature that I’ve read before, Peacok is a symbolize of beautiful & impressif. And the tail is a Cendawasih’s, yeah at least there’s Indonesia element there. (“Karunya mun si Iyeu teu boga tunggangan mah, ma enya naek angin :P”) With batik element around her.

Boegy (The Fire Element)

From his skintone can we see that he has oldest color, and very red. So I simbolize him with a fire, he also riding the dragon fire that I adopted from Batik and part of Chinese Ilo. Looks bit naughty, yeah he’s on fire!! Watchout!!

Osmo (The Water Element)

I guess Osmo is the Coolest character than another. So I adapted the word “cool” for his power. Cool-Water-Blue, yeah come from this one. And he also riding a Cool Blue Seahorse too. And from literature blue means an Inovation, yes it is, He’s a Techno & Gadget Freak!!

Blipie (The Earth Element)

Yes, he's skin tone near from land element, he’s riding Golden Elehant, golden mean prosperous from the land, with fertileze botany, he’s also have an earthquake to shakin ya!

And all of the power mixed in the middle of em to build up the balance of the World!!!


Reference And Sketch

Few Of References

Variant color and 4 Element Package (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth)


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